If Microsoft Team File is Locked Error in Window PC! How to Fix it?

Today, many companies adopt group chat and also shared file collaboration solutions just to increase their employee productivity. And lots of files are shared on Microsoft Teams every day by the employees, so that the teams can successfully collaborate. But if the user cannot share files on Microsoft Team then this blog is really helpful[…]

How To Fix Microsoft Team Bad Request Error?

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Online Collaboration Platform- Microsoft Team vs Slack:

Both Microsoft Team and Slack are famous online collaboration platform. In this, we have compared the features of both the collaboration tool so that you can properly choose the best for you and conveniently collaborate with your co-workers. Both the tools support the devices like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can use any[…]

How you can Upload A Custom Background in Microsoft Team?

Microsoft Office is the best and well known software which is designed by Microsoft. It has many apps and all the applications perform different task. It offer user friendly interface and can install through www.office.com/setup. It provides great technical support to its user and its customer care executive are available for the user all the[…]