Multiple Benefits of Setting Up Microsoft Office in Operating System:

Microsoft Office is one of the best and reliable software which makes the work of the customer easy. And the user can easily install this useful software through It has many useful applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote etc. It offers many beneficial features like cloud storage so that the user can[…]

Create A VPN On Window 7 and 8 To Maintain Privacy:

Basically, people use VPN for protecting their privacy online. It is also useful for distributed teams who wanted to work together because they are using the same local network. Hence, Microsoft has given a wizard which will help you to setup VPN. But in case, you want assistance then you can contact to the customer[…]

How You Can Easily Convert Page File To Doc or Docx?

Usually, in Pages you can open MS Word file document, but you cannot open .pages files in Word. In case,you want to send an email then you need .doc file but if you received a pages file then you have to convert it to a .doc file. Hence, in this blog you will read how[…]

How You Can Backup IPhone to External Hard Drive?

In case, you are using iPhone and regularly make backups. But now your device runs out of space to store your backups in the internal drive then in this situation you can make backups to external hard drive. Hence, in this blog you will learn how to make backup your iPhone files to external hard.[…]

How to Troubleshoot If Personal Hotspot Not Working on IPhone?

If you want to connect your iPhone with the other device then you can use Personal Hotspot feature of IPhone which convert your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. With this hotspot, you can share its internet connection with other nearby devices. But if personal hotspot is missing, and you cannot be able to connect your[…]

How to Access Your Docs, Slides and Sheets Without Wi-Fi?

You can easily access your Google Drive offline on your devices like PC, Mac, or mobile device etc. if in case you do not have the internet connection. And you can also edit your Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides without Wi-Fi and the updates will be automatically applied to your device when you[…]

How You Can Translate A Web Page in Chrome, Firefox and Edge?

If you have seen the web page in another language and you wanted to see that page in your preferred language then you can easily translate it in Chrome, Firefox and in MS Edge. In this blog, you will read how to easily translate a web page in your browser. For technical support, you can[…]

How to Turn On Wake On LAN in Window Computer?- Www.Office.Com/Setup

If you want to turn on your Windows PC remotely, then you must use the Wake-on-LAN setting. As this will help you to switch on your computer without tapping on the Power button. In this blog, you will learn how to enable Wake-on-LAN in Windows PC. But if you find any issues, then you can[…]

How to Fix: If Your Computer has been Blocked by Red Screen Warning?

Sometimes when the user go to certain web page or open their web browser, they received the message Your computer has been blocked red screen warning. This usually occurs when a scammer is showing you fake alerts just to afraid you so that you immediately call on the number which appears on your screen. Through[…]

How You Can Download and Install Google Chrome in Your Device?

Google Chrome is the popular web browser which is developed by Google. It is available for all your devices like Window OS, Mac, Laptop, Computer and Android Phones. It gives amazing features like very simple to use, has minimalist design, it is fast and free to use, it load and display pages very quickly, it[…]