If Apple Watch Not Unlocking Your Mac! How To Fix it?

Sometimes the user cannot unlock their Mac device with their Apple Watch. Hence, in this blog post the user will read the method to fix if Apple Watch not unlocking your Mac. But if the customer need help in fixing the issue, then go to www.office.com/setup.  Method To Fix If Apple Watch Not Unlocking Your[…]

If MacBook Not Connecting To External Hard Drive! How to Fix It?

If the users complaint that their MacBook is not connected to external Hard Drive then for the solution, the user must read this blog. And for detailed information, just go to www.office.com/setup. click here to download Method To Fix if MacBook Not Connecting To External Hard Drive: Use USB Hub or Power Adapter: If the[…]

Quick Method To Get And Use BlueStacks on Mac:

Bluestacks is a popular and best Android emulator for MacOS which allows you to run Android apps on your Mac. In this blog, you will read how to get and use BlueStacks on Mac. For assistance the user can contact the Microsoft team via www.office.com/setup.  How you can Get BlueStacks on Mac? First, you should[…]

What are the Shortcut Keys For Mac?

The easy way to work on Mac devices without using your mouse is using your keyboard shortcuts on Mac computers. Using keyboard shortcuts will reduce the time which is required for visiting to your screen with your mouse to a particular tab. It is little bit difficult to remember these shortcuts. But when you use[…]

How You Can Format Mac Hard Drive?

Basically, Disk Utility is the free application which comes with your Mac computers. It helps in formatting, erasing, repairing, and also partitioning hard drives. In case, you want to resale your Mac device or you want to fix the machine error, then you should format your Mac’s hard drive. In this blog, you will read[…]

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How you can Download and Install OneDrive on Mac Device?

OneDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft Office for all the computer users. This application of MS Office helps to store or host files in the cloud so that you can access your document anywhere anytime if you have an internet connection. You can use this application on Windows, Laptop, Computer or Mac[…]

How You Can Change Search Engine On Mac?

When you enter anything in your web browser and press Return, then it is automatically submit in your browser’s default search engine. The search engine like Google Yahoo or Bing is used to generate the search results. And you can easily change the default search engine to whatever search engine you like. In case, you[…]

How You Can Screen Record on Mac?

If you want to fix any issue, share any file or you want to teach something to other people, for this you have to capture your Mac Screen. Some people think, it is very difficult to take a screen recording but in reality, it is not at all difficult. Screen Recording software are also available[…]