Best Way To Solve MS Office Error Code 30180-4:

MS Office is the great software which is very useful in today’s life. It is used by students, teachers, employees, and employers etc. You can easily install this MS Office through But some users encounter the issues, while installing MS Office. In this blog, you will read the solution of MS Office Error Code 30180-4.

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Symptoms of MS Office Error Code 30180-4:

The symptoms of MS Office Error Code 30180-4 are if installation of MS Office process stops in between, error message displayed on your computer screen and the performance of your PC gets slow.

Causes for the MS Office Error Code 30180-4:

The causes of MS Office Error Code 30180-4 are slow speed of the Internet when you are installing Office program, previous Office installation has failed or corrupt, if there is Domain Name System conflict issue, firewall might be blocking the installation process, if Proxy Settings are active on your device, if there is pre-existing versions of the Office Suite, and Incomplete Installation of Office Suite.

Solution To Fix Office Error Code 30180-4: –

  1. Turn-off Windows Firewall:

 For Windows 8.1 & 7, you should click on the Start option and then just select the Control Panel. Now in the search box, you have to type Firewall and then click on Windows Firewall. Here you should go to the left side and then select the Turn Windows Firewall On & Off. You have to give the administrator permission and then just enter the device password. Now you should click on Turn Off Windows Firewall and at the end, click on OK button.

For Windows 10, you should click on the Start button and then go to the Windows Defender Security System. After this, just select the option Firewall & Network protection. Now under Window Firewall, you should select the network profile and just turn it off.

  1. Delete the temp files:

For this, go to the path C:\Windows\Temp. Then you have to select all files and then you should click on delete option. After this, just type %temp% in the search bar. Now you have to delete all files , and you can skip those files which are running in the background.

  1. Perform the SFC Scan:

For this, you should click on the Start button and then type CMD. After this, just right click on it and then run as an Administrator. Here you should write the command SFC /SCANNOW in the command window and then hit on Enter key. This process will take time to finish.

  1. Repair/Remove MS Office Software:

For Windows 10 OS, you have to type ‘Programs and Features’ in the search bar and then you should scroll down and then just click on the Office package from the list. After this, you should right click on it to find repair option. Now you have to click on the ‘Repair’ option. When the Repair process is complete, then Office Suite will work properly. If you find the issue is still there then you should uninstall the Office software and then re-install the Office suite again on your system.

The above method will help you to solve MS Office Error Code 30180-4. If you are still finding the issues then you can call the expert anytime. For more information, you can go to the site of MS Office via