If Word Cannot Do This Because A Dialogue Box is Open How To Fix it?

If you are receiving the notification, when you are trying to save or close the document. Then, you should follow the below method to fix the error. For more assistance related to MS Word, visit to office.com/myaccount. Method to Fix If Word Cannot Do This Because A Dialogue Box is Open: Use Keyboard: For this,[…]

What to do If Window 11 Download is Stuck?

If the user upgrade to Window 11, but the download is stuck then to fix this issue you should restart BITS and Window Update Service. For more help, the user can visit to www.office.com/myaccount. In this article, read the method to fix if Window 11 Download is Stuck. Method To Fix If Window 11 Download[…]

How To Remove Watermarks in Word?

The user can easily remove a watermark from their Word documents by going to Settings. But, sometimes you cannot remove the watermark from your document. So for this, you should read the below method to remove Watermarks in Word. For help, visit to office.com/myaccount. Method To Remove Watermarks in Word: Use Footer Section: First, you[…]

If Some Updates Were Cancelled Error! How To Fix it?

If the user get Some Updates Were Cancelled Error message in Window 10. But you can fix this issue, by removing the registry key and applying a .reg hack. Keep in mind the user can download the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog. For help, visit to office.com/myaccount. In this blog, you will read the[…]

How To Get Rid of Error 0xc000007b in Window 11?

There are certain users who encountered issue 0xc000007b in Window 11, if they are trying to launch the app. To fix this error, you should update OS, or run program as an administrator. For help, go to www.office.com/myaccount. Method To Fix Error 0xc000007b in Window 11: Restart Computer: The user should visit to the desktop,[…]

How To Stop Remote Password Change From Breaking The VPN Certificate?

In some cases, the user face that the remote password change damage the VPN certificate, this is due to remote computer system  cannot read the cert store. It is advised, you should remove VPN credentials in Windows 10/11 yearly because this helps to renew your security strength. To fix this issue, you should delete and[…]

How To Force Quit a Chrome Tab That is Not Closing?

Sometimes, the user cannot be able to close Chrome tab and it becomes unresponsive. This issue occur because of the malfunction of the Javascript, or if you have open so many tabs and there is lack of memory. In this situation, you should close the browser completely and exit all tabs. If you need more[…]

How You Can Check and Update BIOS on Window 11?

If the user wants to update their device up-to-date, then they should timely update BIOS on Window 11. Before updating, back up all your data and ensure that you should have proper power supply. For help in updating process, visit to office.com/myaccount. Method To Check BIOS on Window 11: Check BIOS version on Windows 11:[…]

How To Resolve If Surround Sound is Not Working with HDMI on Window 11?

Surround Sound has two or more speakers through which listeners listens the sound from different directions. But some user’s encounters this issue, so in order to fix this you should check HDMI ports and cables between the sound system and computer are compatible. For more info, go to office.com/myaccount. Method To Resolve If Surround Sound[…]

What is the Method to Fix BCD Error in Window 11?

Normally, BCD error arises in your device if a hard drive fails and it will stop your computer from booting. To fix this issue, you should do a BCD rebuild by using USB drive. For detailed help, visit www.office.com/myaccount. Given below are some of the methods to fix BCD error in Window 11. Method to[…]