How You Can Insert PDF Files into PowerPoint Presentation?

If the user want to insert PDF File into PowerPoint Presentation, then this article is very useful for them. But if the user need support, then they can anytime contact to the customer care of MS Office via Insert PDF As An Object on a PowerPoint Slide: If you want to see the entire[…]

What is Excel Matrix Functions?

MS Excel is a widely used application of MS Office, which you can install through This application helps the user in storing, analyzing, and calculating data. It has many functions which helps the user to maintain and show data in a presentable way. Matrix is the amazing function of MS Excel, which is a[…]

How To Troubleshoot “Excel Not Responding” Issue?

MS Excel is the wonderful app of MS Office which you can install through  But sometimes Excel not responds. This error mainly occurs if you have not installed latest updates, if the Excel application is used by another process, if there is pre-installed Add-ins and also if there is outdated Antivirus software. In this[…]

How You Can Enable Phishing Email Protection in Outlook?

In this article, you will learn how to enable the Microsoft Outlook’s built-in phishing protection. This feature of Outlook, disables links which identified as phishing attempts or malicious. In this blog, you will learn how you can enable the Phishing Email Protection Feature in Outlook. If the customer needs support, then they can call the[…]

What are the Advantages and Procedure to Update Window 10 Offline?

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What are the Benefits of Adding Microoft Cortana to Your IOS and Android?

Cortana is basically a voice enabled virtual assistant which is developed by Microsoft and it saves the time of the user. It helps the Window 10 users to perform task and complete request.  It uses search engine to set reminder, alarm and answer the question of the user just by saying it. Cortana support Windows[…]

Create A VPN On Window 7 and 8 To Maintain Privacy:

Basically, people use VPN for protecting their privacy online. It is also useful for distributed teams who wanted to work together because they are using the same local network. Hence, Microsoft has given a wizard which will help you to setup VPN. But in case, you want assistance then you can contact to the customer[…]

How to Use OneDrive on PC, Mac, IOS and Android?

OneDrive is the amazing application of Microsoft which allows you to store your files in the cloud. And you can use this application on Android or iOS device, Mac, Windows computer, etc. Here, you can access your photos, videos, and also the files. You can download and install this application through click here to[…]

How You Can Restore Farms in SharePoint Server?

As you all know that the Backup is important as it helps to recover your data easily if a failure occurs. And the SharePoint farm is the lowest level which next to the server hardware. Hence, in this blog you will read how you can restore farms in SharePoint Server. But if the user faces[…]

How You Can Uninstall Firefox in Windows?

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser because it provides you great browsing speed and also gives you lot of features. You can easily expand its features through third-party add-ons. But sometimes user does not want to surf on this browser and they want to uninstall it completely from Windows. So, in this blog you[…]