If Excel Not Recognizing Date Format! How to Fix It?

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How You Can Backup IPhone to External Hard Drive?

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If PowerPoint Found A Problem With Content! How to fix it?

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Why Freeze Panes Not Work in Excel and How to Fix this Issue?

Excel Freeze Panes feature is the very helpful feature and is basically used to lock row or column headings. It is because when you scroll down and see the rest of the sheet, its first row and column gets stick on the screen. As a result, heading will always displays on your screen when you[…]

How You Can Easily Setup iCloud on Different Devices?

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How to Troubleshoot If Personal Hotspot Not Working on IPhone?

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How to Troubleshoot When Chrome Keeps Freezing or Crashing?

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How You Can Easily Backup And Restore Chrome Bookmarks?

Basically, Bookmark is the method of saving the web page in a browser so that you can quickly access to the web page. And Chrome bookmarks use HTML files so that you can store on a USB drive, networked storage, or in the cloud easily. In Firefox you can save your bookmarks in universal format[…]

How To Keep The Track Of Kids With Microsoft Family Safety App?

The Microsoft Family Safety app is the wonderful application of Microsoft which keeps the track of your child online activity like how your child is using his/her phone, keeps track of their location, and in fact, you can set time limits on app use and game time. Earlier this app was only available to control[…]

How You Can Easily Open Corrupt Excel File Without Any Backup?

Generally, Excel file gets corrupts easily but you can recover it with your Backup file. In case, you don’t have the Backup file then you can follow the below method to open corrupt Excel file without any backup. If in case, you need technical assistance you can contact to the expert of Microsoft team through[…]