www.office.com/setup - How To Install and Activate MS Office ?

Microsoft Office is the most popular software available in the market for home and business users. This software can easily install through www.office.com/setup.

Download Process of MS Office:

  1. To download Office setup, the first thing you should go to the internet browser of your choice and then navigate to the office.com/setup.
  2. After this, you need to login to your MS Account.
  3. In case, you don’t have the MS Account then you should create new MS Account.
  4. Here from the drop down Menu, you should select the subscribed product.
  5. In order to download Office setup file, you need to enter the 25 digit activation product key.
  6. Then, you need to tap on “Download” button, just to download Microsoft Office in your device.
  7. When the download process completes, then need to follow the installation process.
Installation Process of MS Office:

  1. After the process of download finishes, then you should search the Office setup file.
  2. Now, you have to double click on the Download Office setup file.
  3. Then, follow the terms and conditions which displays on your computer screen, and then hit on “I Agree” term.
  4. When installation process completes, then proceed further with the activation process.
Activation Process of MS Office:

  1. First, open the Office Setup and just double click it.
  2. Now, you will view the activation wizard on your computer screen.
  3. Then, login in to your MS Account.
  4. Here, you need to enter 25 digit activation product key.
  5. At last, tap on “Activate Now”.
For more details about MS Office, you should go to the site of Microsoft via office.com/setup365

What is Microsoft Office.com/setup ?

Microsoft Office is the productivity suite used for homes and offices and developed by Microsoft. It is useful for all the organization as it includes the desktop applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc. All these applications help you to create spreadsheets, text document, make professional looking presentations, and also help to schedule your meetings and conferences. You can install this productivity suite through www.office.com/setup. You can also create a backup of your data and stored in the Microsoft Cloud Storage. It gives you the facility to access this data from anywhere and anytime. Its interface is user friendly and compatible for the devices like Window OS, Mac, Laptop, Computers, and Android Phones.

How to Create a Microsoft Office Setup Account ?

For creating Microsoft Account, first you have to go to login.live.com. Then you have to locate and now select Sign up now. Here you will see the sign up form will appear on the screen. Now you have to follow all the instructions and then enter the required information, like your name, birth date, and gender. You have to read the Microsoft Services Agreement and privacy statement, and then you have to click on Create account. Your Microsoft account is successfully created, and the account settings page will appear on the screen.

How You Can Manage www.office.com/myaccount ?

    1. First, you have to go the office.com/myaccount.
    2. Here, you have to fill all the details like username, email ID and password and then just click on Sign in option.
    3. Now, you can use your Microsoft Office account.
    4. In MS Account, you can manage your payments, billings, update your payment history, renew and manage your Office subscriptions.

How you can Renew Office Subscription ?

If you wanted to renew MS Office on your device, then you have to visit to the office.com/setup and log in to your MS account with the email ID which you have used to register your product key, it will direct you to renew your Microsoft Office subscription with few clicks.

Where You Will Find Office Product Key ?

If you have bought the Microsoft Office product from the retail shop then the product key is printed on the back side of your Microsoft Office Setup Card. It is consist of 25 digit alphanumeric characters, split into five groups.

What are the Minimum System Requirements for installing Microsoft Office ?

For Operating System:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Windows 10 Server
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

For Browser:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

Computer and Processor:

  • 1 GHZ or 64-bit processor
  • 1 GB RAM (32-bit)


  • 2 GB RAM (64-bit) for graphics features, Outlook Instant Search and advanced functionality.

Using Outlook Web App on Smart phones and tablets:

Use the integrated web browser of these devices, Windows 8 tablet, iOS 6 or later versions for iPhone4s or later versions or iOS 6 or later versions for iPad2 or later versions.

How to update Microsoft Office Setup in Windows 10 ?

  1. First you have to click on the “Start” button and then you have to go to its “Settings” option.
  2. Now, you have to click on the “Update and Security” option.
  3. After this, you have to go to the Window Update” option.
  4. Here you have to click on the “Advanced” options.
  5. Now you have to select the option under “Choose how updates are installed”.
  6. Here you have to tick-mark the box which is located next to the “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”.
  7. Now, you will get regular updates from www.office.com/setup.

What are the easy steps to Download, Install and Activate Microsoft Office?

Steps to Download Microsoft Office:

  1. Open the web browser and visit to the official website of Office via office.com/setup.
  2. Now, login to your MS Account.
  3. But, if you do not have the Microsoft account then create a new MS Account.
  4. From the drop-down Menu, select your subscribed MS Office product.
  5. Enter the 25 digit activation product key code, to download Office setup file.
  6. Now you have to click on “Download” button, to download MS Office in your computer system.
  7. When the process of download complete, then follow the process of installation.
Steps to Install Microsoft Www.office.com/setup:

  1. First, you have to search the MS Office setup file.
  2. Then double click on the Office setup file.
  3. After this, follow all the terms and conditions which are displayed on your computer screen, then click on “I Agree” term.
  4. When installation process complete, and then you have to follow the activation process.
Steps to Activate Microsoft Office:

  1. Open the MS Office Setup, and then you have to double click it.
  2. You will see the activation wizard on your computer screen.
  3. Now, login in to your Microsoft Account .
  4. Enter the 25-digit activation product key code.
  5. Now, at the end click on “Activate Now”.

Www.office.com/setup Installation Instruction

This is a step by step guideline to take you through installing Microsoft Office on your PC or laptop. It includes the system pre-requirements to active the security program, How to locate the install program and how to utilize it once you have it. There are many Microsoft office versions available, you can use as per your requirement. If you are looking for a business application then Microsoft would like you to use their new version known of Microsoft as Microsoft Office 365.

Pre-Requirements of Hardware and Software:.
For each version, their special requirements of software and hardware. Here I am discussing some of the requirements of Microsoft Office 2013, it is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions and will install on the minimum hardware requirements given below. .
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit, Windows 8 32/64-bit.
  • For 32 bit 1 GB ram minimum and for 64 bit 2 GB ram minimum, the processor with 1 GHz and Hard disk of 3 GB or more space.
A touch-enabled system is needed to use any multi-touch functionality. But, all characteristics and functionality are always operated by using a keyboard, mouse, or other standard or convenient input device.

What are you installing from?

There are many ways to install the MS Office so are you installing from backup media or installing from a download or do you want to use other any method?

Install MS office using a Media (CD or DVD):

If you're installing from DVD media, then simply insert the media or CD and wait for the auto start to see the setup screen. If the autostart doesn't work, you can go to the drive in windows explorer and double click on the setup.exe file on the media itself to start off the MS office installation. Follow all the instruction one by one and read them carefully, after successful installation closes the window. Now when you open the MS office from start menu of your Pc, it will ask you to active the product. You can active it by adding the product Id given on the box of media. Product Id is of 25 characters always.

Install MS office by downloading Installer

Other method is to download the Ms Office set up online from the office.com/setup link. Visit the link and login into your account. If you haven't account, create the account. Enter the Product ID provided to you by the seller in the confirmation mail. Click on the next button, read the terms and conditions, accept them and click on continue button. Now click the Install Now button in the next window to start the installation. A process bar will show how far along the installation has proceeded. These steps take time as per the speed of your internet and PC.

Click Close when the installation completes. Now to use the recently installed Microsoft Office Program, go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office and click on the program that you want to use. When Microsoft Office open for the first time a window will show which will be asking you to support preserve and enhance Microsoft Office. Click on the dot which you want and then click yes in the next window which will ask you that further Microsoft update can make changes to your system. And then the MS office will start.

Install MS office by downloading "Click-on-run" installer

In one other method, you can download the one "click-on-run" installer. After downloading it online from MS office account you have to double click on the installer and run it. Follow the instruction and the Ms Office will be installed in your system.

Online Microsoft office Setup Help:

Are you confused? Or get any query in MS Office downloading or setup? Call us! We are providing MS office support. Our team is ready to help you in downloading or activation. You can also Email us your query and we will reply you within 24 working hours or chat with us online. We can also help you in getting product key or re-active the MS office. Feel free to contact us any time!